Merchants & Brands

Photopon ignites powerful word-of-mouth marketing in a way that promotes customer loyalty and generates repeat customers.


Reward loyal customers

68% of customers claim that they are not loyal to a certain brand. Millennials are known to be intensely loyal, but only for a short period of time If not rewarded quickly.
Photopon helps you meet your customers expectations so that they can become the brand ambassador for your business you would like them to be.


Recruitment, Frequency, and Churn prevention

Identify potential customers and make them an offer they can't refuse. Increase purchase frequency with intelligent revisit offers. Know who should have paid you a visit recently and target offers to prevent churn.
Our merchant tool is extremely powerful and the data it resides on is unprecedented.


Unprecedented real-time customer data

You know what your members buy from you. We know where they spend the rest...
What's your share of wallet in the category? When is your product or service most relevant, in relation to purchases in other categories? Unique and invaluable data to apply to your marketing decisions.


Digital punchcards

Automatic, intelligent and interactive. Shorten checkout times, collect customer insights and save the forrest while you’re at it.


Effortless set-up

Five minute set-up, no technical integration and no staff training makes it effortless to get started.


Performance-based cost model

No fees and no set-up cost. If we don't deliver on our promise to you, you don't pay. It's as simple as that.